3D Motion Graphics and Animation

We at Vibe Media House are all about the latest and greatest technological advancement, we use the leading industry standard programs to produce engaging, broadcast quality graphics for your viewing pleasure.


Understanding that a story can go beyond the front of lens is something we fully embrace. Creating Motion FX that move the story forward while seamlessly connecting with filmed footage has turned into a specialty, we love making the impossible, possible.

Our team have a wide skill set and can produce a variety of graphical work; from complex medical or engineering 3D sequences to fun and energetic 2D animations. We can bring snow in the summer and take our productions to the far side of space, no task is impossible in the realm of Motion FX.


Take a look at our show reels to see what we can achieve.

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We have two green screen facilities one for small individual productions the other for large shots. Coupled with our motion fx experts we have produced broadcast green screen sequences over the past 7 years. From simple profile shots to complex CGI filled sequences, no job is too big or small. 

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Get in touch with us! We can meet up over coffee and discuss your next creative project.

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Based in Swansea, UK

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