Digital Marketing in 2020

Businesses have evolved from just having a brick and mortar presence and now it is more important than ever to be online.  Not just ‘online’ though!  It’s necessary to be represented on so many of the different social platforms that are relevant to the individual business.

Social media can be overwhelming, time consuming and complex to many but it doesn’t have to be.  Firstly, you just have to figure out what platforms work for you.

Facebook seems to be the number one go to for businesses - which makes sense seeing as it is the most utilised platform by individuals around the world.

YouTube is the most popular platform.  Video might not be the medium for you.  However this is the go to platform for people to learn things by video demonstration or vlogging aside from searching and reading via Google.

Twitter - this platform allows you to interact directly with individuals whoever they may be with immediate response.  This means if you wanted to speak to - dare i say it - the likes of Donald Trump, you could!

Instagram - this is a visual based platform which is great for advertising products or showing before and after pictures.  You can also comment on photos or short videos but the aim here is to create a community and a faithful following.

Linked In - this is an online business networking platform.  Similar to facebook but interaction happens only amongst fellow professionals.

Snap Chat - is an interesting one.  Firstly, to note, the demographics for snapchat users is usually of a younger age range and it seems that either paid video interludes, similar to instagram or creating and utilising interactive filters work best on this platform.

Once you have decided which platforms work for you then you need to create a plan.  It is important to be consistent.  If you decide you want to blog, post that blog or blogs on a designated time and on a designated day or days.

This is especially important if you are an SME.  Social media can get you new work and then if you become busy your social media presence takes a back step mainly due to time but it is at this point that you should be shouting about what you are doing and remain social and present.

Why do people pay for social media expertise?

Social media takes time and prep work.  There is no getting away from this.  And we all know time is money.  New algorithms embedded within the apps want the user to spend time on there and therefore real time interaction needs to be spent consistently on the platforms, so yes, you can schedule posts but you also need to speak to people and be social and reply to any  enquiries that come your way.

Social means just that.....Being Social!

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