Ever wondered how to link your Social Media Platforms?

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Since everyone is realising just how important social media is these days, we also realise just how much time it takes to post, how much content is actually needed and how each platform is very different and therefore even more time consuming. As business owners we often ask if there are actually enough hours in our days?!

What would help us? Linking our social platforms right?!

The easiest way is to join a scheduling tool app. There are many scheduling tools which can help you, Hoot Suite or Planoly are two examples. These apps are user friendly and have many great features such as drag and drop diary entries for scheduling, you can answer your online comments all in one place, keep an eye on what your competitors are posting! Brilliant. If you want to try this we suggest that you run a free trial first to make sure that the tool is the most suited for you. We also suggest trying out the support team or help desk options as some are better than others.

We used to use a 3rd party but Facebook, who now owns Instagram, want you to spend more time on their sites independently and therefore they are making it harder for 3rd party sites to integrate. These sites do still work but at the moment the content pushed through the sites is not reaching its full potential. We know this from experience but watch this space because movements in this area are never definitive and nothing is guaranteed.

What social platform has the most users?

Well, Facebook. Facebook itself has just published its own scheduling tool which obviously Facebook will always favour. The only way we can see this changing is if Facebook bout a 3rd party integration tool and owned the sites that you can interlink with. Facebook Business Manager allows you to integrate with instagram from here so, it seems, maybe this is the thought behind it. However, don’t rely on Facebook. We were once told that you should have a successful business without Facebook. Who knows what the future holds and whether another social media platform will replace Facebook.

How do you build a social platform? Consistency. Consistency is key. Always keep a voice this is difficult if you a an SME but this is the time where your presence is SO important. Your silence, or lack of appearance implies that you are too busy to give your customers attention, or potential customers attention.

Social media is a platform for free advertising. Social media is a platform for networking. Social media is a platform for market research. And it’s free - so use it to the best of your ability.

One thing is for certain though social media presence is a full time job…it just takes time and with that, content. And don’t forget Content is king.

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