Getting started in 2020- A Layman’s guide

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

The online world can be a harsh environment in 2019, especially for businesses. So if you’re just getting started, or maybe you want more online presence in the coming year, here is our simple guide to getting your business online.

I guess you want a website? If you don’t, you should.

Don’t worry, it’s not a scary as it sounds. There are many website builders online today that are made especially for first-timers. In terms of ease of use, there are two that stand out from the crowd.

If your business provides a service, we recommend Wix.

Easy to use, but still with all the bells and whistles. Simply choose a template and your key words, and you’re off! There is even a free site option, which comes without so many of the features. Once you’ve chosen your template and customised it, you can add tools to help you connect with your customers, like live chat, allowing customers to sign up to your newsletter, and SEO.

If your business provides a product however, we recommend Shopify.

Shopify allows you to set and change primary and secondary for accents and text all from one place, and comes with many free templates that you can customise easily. Using shopify you can keep track of stock, and chose to display your stock availability on your website, and use cool features like allowing the customer to choose options for size and colour of a product before buying.

Although Shopify costs $29 (£22.10) month, it provides you with 100 free templates you can change at any time, as well as having paid options. Shopify is also very SEO friendly, making you more likely to be found by customers on search engines like google.

Your business website is your HQ, but you'll need some backup. Depending on your target audience, social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube can all be linked to and from your website, and are great for driving traffic back to your website, to generate sales.

So, reckon you've got a good idea?

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