How much does video cost in 2020?

The cost of video is always the elephant in the room.  Video is now something that a business most definitely needs because of the way social media is going but just how much should you pay for it?  That’s a good question.  Like most services these days costs are project specific.  Now before you eye roll and click to another page thinking that I’m avoiding the question I’m going to do my best to answer it, so bear with me!

The short answer is: it very much depends on you, the client’s needs and wants.

That being said let’s start at the beginning

Let’s think about the logistics.  The initial idea.

Do you know exactly what you want?  Or do we need to brainstorm together to come up with an idea?

Is the video you want to make cinematic (like an advert) or is it informational (real time documentary style)?

Does that idea involve just one location with you speaking directly to camera?  Or does it involve numerous locations?  Travel time?  Numerous people speaking to camera which ultimately involves more time?

Do we need to write a script for those people?  Do we need to interview them?  Are they good speakers?  Or do we need to coax them in to saying the right things?  Or if we are using actors do we need rehearsal time?  Are they professional or friends helping out?  Then we look at how many cameras we need to use.  What type of cameras are necessary for this particular job?  How many people are necessary to make this shoot work?  Is it a one man band or do we need a producer? A director? A Sound guy?  And these are all just vital parts of the ingredients that add up to justify costings alongside the standard running of the office costs which are expected in any business.

And then there’s the 'edit'.  I think this is the most undervalued and under appreciated part of the filming process.  In our experience clients have suggested that we just turn up and film and then the polished video just falls out of the back of the camera…however now, because times are changing and everyone can film on their phone maybe there is a little more understanding but just to clarify that to make a good video comes down to the edit.  Be assured....the editor can make or break you! The edit is the the creative part of the process where we bring the story to life.  It’s here that each shot is broken down and chosen with much thought and precision.  These shots are then welded together, if you like, accurately, to the beat of the music.  Graphics are added.  Logos are animated.  All in time to the music. Before then colour grading each shot individually to maximise its potential. 

Once we edit the interviews, pictures, products, graphics we need the film to render out so that that it is sealed so to speak.  So that the pictures, added graphics and music are moulded and set together. And then of course once we have made all the last tweaks we will export the video which just takes time depending on how intricate the edited file is and how heavy the data is.

And then it’s the question of experience and style.  Sometimes you are paying because you want a particular person or brand to complete your project because you have seen previous work or they have been recommended and perhaps their diary is booked out and therefore come with a price tag.  Just like any independent musician, or artist, a cameraman and editor has invested his time in to his equipment and his skills and that alone should be worth paying for.

We are a family run business and we have been trading for 12 years.  In that time we have worked with large corporates to small independent businesses each with their own budget.  The bottom line is....we listen to what you want, we think about how we can achieve that within your budget and we always deliver a good product that we want to put our name to.

That’s all I can say is, know what your budget is from the outset.  Speak to people.  Creativity is usually at its best when you have a good feel and relationship with someone and just trust your instincts because that is important.  And then be prepared to invest your faith in your collaboration with your fees agreed from the beginning and everyone knows what they are working towards - the same awesome goal that you are dreaming of.

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