Why is blogging important for business?

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Why is blogging important for business?

Google is made up of tons of information from across the globe which is designed to answer any question we ask it.

And this is why blogging could be good for your business.

Blogging - what you need to know. And why blogging is important.

Blogs, put simply, are written accounts of products or services, or answers to questions that someone out there needs to know.

If you can answer a google users question and use the correct SEO within your written solution then you have another chance of being found on the World Wide Web and therefore you are giving yourself another opportunity for reaching new potential customers.

Blogs provide you with the chance to write and be passionate about certain topics that you already know about and have experience in and the best thing about blogging is once the article is written then it just sits there and waits until Google can recommend you to someones search scenario.

How blogging works?

Yes, blogging is time consuming. You do need to set a certain time every week, so as not to get too carried away, and give yourself a weekly deadline. Without giving yourself time it is easy to let blogging slide out of your weekly routine and the best blogging is consistent.

There are two types of blogging i suppose.

Direct blogs which are websites made for particular people where their main business is blogging and you will find these accounts will specialise in certain areas eg wedding ideas, make up, cars, computers, baking etc and these become go to brands themselves for answers in this area. Once these blogs become successful there is room for blogs to make money.

Or blogging for business. These blogs will sit on a page on your website, they will be useful pieces of information, they can be in depth explanations about certain products or experiences that you have or insights in to your industry.

When blogging about you say or blogging about what you do include pictures or demonstrations, bring your blogs to life and soon you will see the results of just how blogging has changed your life?!

We can understand why a majority of people will say that blogging is a waste of time and question why blogging matters because the writer does need to spend a lot of time creating these written accounts which provides little income in return, especially at the beginning. However, once these blogs are created they will sit there and if done well they will direct people to your website where you have the opportunity to sell and up sell your products or services.

Here's the top questions about blogging:

Who can do blogging? Anyone. As long as you have knowledge or experience.

Which blogging app is best? Whichever works for you if indeed you need one.

Which blogging platform should you use? Your website. A website.

Who benefits from blogging? Everyone can. It’s a simple, effective and free marketing method for any business.

So, get creative and start writing guys! And as always if you need any help *wink* we got your back!


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